Today is the Middle Day of the Year

If you were on a cruise ship and it was announced you were about to cross the equator, would you take notice?  I would.  I mean, it’s nothing magical, but it’s significant, right?  Certainly not something you experience all the time.  That’s how I feel right now because today the middle day of the year.  As far as this year goes, the front nine now lays behind us, the back nine ahead.  So how you doin’?  Are you a goal person like me?  What’s the score sheet look like?  Need to rethink your daily planning?   What about relationships?  We probably all take stock of those toward the end of year, to one degree or another.  But why wait?  Anything needing fixing?  Need to do any regret-proofing?

Maybe in the future this day will become an actual holiday and with that will come a catchy, memorable name (I trust someone in the Hallmark R+D department is already working on this).  Until then, I wish you a Happy Middle Day of the Year.

– Matthew Porter

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Oh, and don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.

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