Joan Rivers, Bill Cosby, and Seth Godin

Joan Rivers.

Bill Cosby.

Seth Godin.

Could all three have said the exact same thing at different times?  You tell me…



“Even if only 2% of the world finds you funny, you will still be able to fill stadiums the rest of your life.”

– Joan Rivers quoting Bill Cosby

“You don’t need to be Nike or Apple or GE. You need to be famous to the small circle of people you are hoping will admire and trust you. Your shoe store needs to be famous to the 300 shoe shoppers in your town. Your retail consulting practice needs to be famous to 100 people at ten major corporations. Your WordPress consulting practice needs to be famous to 650 veterinarians or chiropractors. Famous the way George Clooney and George Washington are famous, but to fewer people.”

Seth Godin



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