Embrace the Mess

Let's stop equating clarity with progress. Let's stop associating perfect order with success. Let's stop clinging to (our illusion of) control and lean more on our people and the process. In short, let's start embracing the mess. - Matthew PorterContinue reading

Do You Have a Passion? Are You Sure?

The word “passion” gets used a lot in conversations about purpose, goals, pursuing dreams, etc.  To be clear, I think passion is important.  Vital, really.  But let’s not let the conversation devolve into mushy rah-rah sentimentality.  Back up everybody, I’m ’bout to get etymological… Our modern word “passion” derives from the Latin word patī.  Literally,...Continue reading

I Get High On New Year’s Day

It’s true: I get high on New Year’s Day. Now wait, don’t misunderstand – I don’t get high during New Year’s Day (probably the closest I’ve ever come to substance abuse was eating paste – but hey, that was in college). No, I get high on New Year’s Day itself. Continue reading

Today is the Middle Day of the Year

If you were on a cruise ship and it was announced you were about to cross the equator, would you take notice?  I would.  I mean, it’s nothing magical, but it’s significant, right?  Certainly not something you experience all the time.  That’s how I feel right now because today the middle day of the year. ...Continue reading

Best In Show

Who would actually sit down and watch a dog show on TV? Not Rin Tin Tin, but the competitions with the parading and the judging and the Best In Show.  The answer to that question is “me”.  I happened upon it one Thanksgiving Day and was immediately drawn in.  Fascinated even.  It took me a...Continue reading

Love It? Break It.

Whether it’s a screenplay or a product or a business model, it’s not enough that the thing works; we have to understand why it works. Only then do we get to apply that knowledge to newer (and better) screenplays and products and business models. But here’s the rub: to learn the ‘why’, we sometimes have to break the thing that works.Continue reading

Gangnam Content Style

If you have had any exposure to TV or the Internet in the last few weeks, you’ve likely seen a rotund, well-dressed Asian man dancing as if he were riding an invisible pony. As you probably know, his name is Psy, a South Korean performer whose hit “Gangnam Style” (destined to be the “Macarena” of...Continue reading

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