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I’m Matthew Porter. Full-time husband and daddy of four. Part-time Writer/Director/Producer, Author, and Speaker. HeyPorter.com is where I share insights and inspiration from successful Creators, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs. So regardless of the subject, the connective theme here is…

Decoding Success Together™

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Do you have another two minutes? If so, I’d like to tell you about how this website began…

I Love Working

I was blessed to start working literally the day after I graduated college. For a decade or so following that, freelancing as a writer / director / producer was the name of the game. Then I transitioned to my first full-time ‘grownup’ job, serving as Creative Director for an international agency. Incredible experience leading and collaborating with teams on projects based everywhere from the UK to Nigeria.

‘2008’ is a Four-Letter Word

Then 2008 happened. The economy cratered and the agency shuttered. I couldn’t just not find creative work, I couldn’t find work period. Very clearly I remember asking for a job delivering sandwiches and being told, not only that they weren’t hiring, but that they were seeing professionals including lawyers applying for these entry-level positions. During this season, I started writing. A lot. Funny stuff. Inspiring stuff. Challenging go-make-it-happen stuff. It took a while to figure it out, but the person I was writing for was… me. Without realizing it, I was acting as the coach / mentor / champion I desperately needed during those dark days. Every blog entry was a dramatic halftime speech. Every article was a sermon delivered to the mirror.

So why am I telling you all this?

Three reasons. One, I’m trying to build a "platform" and expand my audience, so I’m supposed to act like I have my stuff together, right? But I don’t and pretending like I do is not my bag. I don't want to be anyone's guru; I’m a constantly failing-but-learning Forever Student alongside you and it’s my privilege to share insights with you, whether they’re gained from my own research and interviews or from me just stubbing my own toes. Two, that season gave me strong sense of clarity and discernment -- what really matters?  What's truly worth my time and effort?  That's why everything I put into this site is designed to add value to your life and work. And three, those dark days have ended up serving me well another way; God saw us through and I emerged with some hard-won perspective.  If you never read anything else here on HeyPorter.com, leave with this:  it gets better if you keep moving forward – even if some days it’s a crawl. Can you dig it?

Hey, thanks for reading this far. Seriously.

There are a lot of cute kitten videos you could have been watching instead of this. Below is a little more on me.  After that, please look around, share anything you find useful, and don't be a stranger!

Matthew Porter Bio

Matthew Porter is a Writer/Director/Producer, Author, and Speaker based in Orlando, FL. Professionally, he has written more than 100 published articles and served as Head Comedy Writer for a nationally syndicated radio show.  He’s contributed to Burnside Writers Collective, The Door Magazine, and was formerly represented in Los Angeles by Jason Weiss (MTV Films, MGM). He also wrote, co-directed, and co-produced Blackwater Elegy starring Tony-winner John Cullum (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Northern Exposure) and Emmy-nominee Barry Corbin (Anger Management, No Country For Old Men) and produced/directed a TV documentary shot in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.  Matthew also optioned a reality/docu-series to Cineflix Productions (American Pickers, Property Brothers) and scripted a documentary for PBS. More recently, Matthew has developed, produced, and directed a broad range of branded entertainment projects, working with Fortune 500 brands like Microsoft, Intel, and P&G, and retailers including eBay, Walmart, and Sam’s Club. Unprofessionally, he once got lost driving actress Erin Gray back to her hotel from the set. True story.