Embrace the Mess

Do we love success?  Lord, yes.  But you know what we also dig?  Control.  But there’s the rub:  nothing — NOTHING — is created without a mess being made first.  This equally applies to every venture you can think of, from startups and screenplays to people (sorry to get biological on you there).

Yes, we plan.  Yes, we strive for answers.  But when we think we may have a bearing, we point ourselves toward the ambiguity and hit the ‘go fast’ button.  Because if the facts were plain, if the way were obvious, then how likely is it that there’s a real opportunity therein?

How about this?

Let’s stop equating clarity with progress.

Let’s stop associating perfect order with success.

Let’s stop clinging to (our illusion of) control and lean more on our people and the process.

In short, let’s start embracing the mess.

– Matthew Porter

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