Gangnam Content Style

If you have had any exposure to TV or the Internet in the last few weeks, you’ve likely seen a rotund, well-dressed Asian man dancing as if he were riding an invisible pony. As you probably know, his name is Psy, a South Korean performer whose hit “Gangnam Style” (destined to be the “Macarena” of the 21st century) has racked up more than 221 million (!) YouTube views and won him guest appearances on “SNL” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, among others.

Psy has described his style as “dress classy and dance cheesy” and that got me thinking about content, about how brands could apply this potent and appealing yin-yang combo:

Dress Classy

* On-point with grammar and spelling

* Contextually-relevant

* Appealing user experience

* Dialed-in SEO

* Value-forward content that is worth the user’s time


Dance Cheesy

* Have fun with the audience

* Stand out/be memorable

* Be funny

* Be share-worthy

* Have a distinct voice and/or

* Have a point-of-view

What do you think? Could this have any application to your work? Which of your Clients could benefit from some Invisible Pony Magic?


– Matthew Porter

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