Triangles vs. Violins: How to Be Heard

For a moment, think about an orchestra and all its different instruments, then consider this question… Which can be heard, the violin section or the triangle? * Obviously, the answer is ‘both’ – but without question, those strings are louder, right? Not only louder, but there are more of them, often 20-40 violins in a...

Is It Difficult?

Is It Difficult? Good.

Is it difficult?  Good.  Seriously. If it were easy, you would be competing with a LOT more people. But as things get more challenging, the herd starts to thin – the weaker ones (or at least, the less committed) moving on to look for easier, lower hanging fruit. And if it’s nearly impossible, well then...Continue reading

Are You Confident?

My wife says I’m a confident person and most days that’s true. But to leave it at “I’m confident” would only tell half the story and create an inaccurate picture. Am I confident in my own experience and abilities?  To a reasonable degree, sure, yeah.  But I have to say, the bulk of my confidence...Continue reading

A Different Kind Of Listening

Interior.  Coffeeshop.  Day.  As that catchy new pop song plays subtly under the scene, we see a cute 20-something actress give her handsome 20-something co-star a flirty goodbye and exit (they haven’t had their first kiss yet – that’ll happen within 10 minutes, guaranteed – but the stage is being set). A beat later, she...Continue reading

Not Perfect – Still Valued

A few fun facts about A Charlie Brown Christmas courtesy of… CBS didn’t like it. The ad agency handling the sponsorship of the show didn’t like it. Even Charles Shulz was embarrassed by some of the program’s technical shortcomings, including continuity issues.  “I thought it was a disaster because the drawing was so poor.”...Continue reading

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