Failure As Fuel

You know the feeling (I know I do)… you give it your best, yet still come up short. And so we bury and try to forget those experiences. But what if those experiences actually hold the key to moving forward? If you’ll give me 2 1/2 minutes, I’ll show you a powerful way to reframe...Continue reading

It’s No Longer 2017 (Duh)

Want to be more efficient and productive? Don’t start by asking “How can we do this better?” Instead ask, “Should we be doing this at all?” I recently spoke with my good friend (and wildly talented life coach) Wes Wiley about the content I was putting together on and the conversation turned to video....Continue reading

Triangles vs. Violins: How to Be Heard

For a moment, think about an orchestra and all its different instruments, then consider this question… Which can be heard, the violin section or the triangle? * Obviously, the answer is ‘both’ – but without question, those strings are louder, right? Not only louder, but there are more of them, often 20-40 violins in a...

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