Turn, Turn, Turn

Look at these doors.  Now look closer – which ones are locked and which aren’t? Trick question; you can’t tell by looking.  You’re going to have to walk over and try them. Isn’t the same true as we consider our possible paths forward?  Without question, there’s a time for thinking and planning and strategy, but...Continue reading

Grab Everything

Whenever I check into a hotel, the first thing I do is scoop up all the soaps, shampoos, notepads, whatever in the room. It’s not like I’m doing anything sneaky – I’ve paid for them – I just want to get the maximum benefit possible in my short time there.   I think that same...Continue reading

What Happens When You Can’t Lose

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about two words:  “process” and “experiment.”  Not just thinking about, but seeing them in a new way that has dramatically reframed how I’m viewing challenges and setbacks. Two examples, one professional and one personal… I was recently asked to create a pitch for producing a video to be shot...Continue reading

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