Grab Everything

Whenever I check into a hotel, the first thing I do is scoop up all the soaps, shampoos, notepads, whatever in the room. It’s not like I’m doing anything sneaky – I’ve paid for them – I just want to get the maximum benefit possible in my short time there.
I think that same mindset has applied to my life; whatever station of life I find myself in, I know I won’t be there forever, so what can I do right now that I might not be able to do later? On good days when I’m on my game, that usually equates to more tickles with my kiddos, dancing with the wifey in the grocery check out line, working with a little more intention and focus, talking to God as honestly as I know how, and looking for creative ways to help others win.
Wherever you are, in a positive or negative place, your current chapter of life isn’t forever, so why not wring out the most good possible? 
Why not grab up everything that’s not nailed down?

– Matthew Porter

Matthew Porter writes about decoding success, creative leadership, marketing, and productivity.

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PS:  All those collected hotel soaps and shampoos just cluttering up your bathroom?  Check out Amenity Aid:  “We welcome donations of new hotel amenities such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Because of their size, hotel amenities are ideal for emergency shelters, other short stay housing programs, and community centers that operate soup kitchens and other social service programs.

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  1. […] Look, we don’t know when this thing will end or how.  But I am confident that our country will absolutely come roaring back once it does.  But if we only focus on then, we’re gonna miss some big – if hidden – opportunities now.  No season of life, whether good or bad, is forever.  So answer this question: what’s available to you right now that you can capitalize on – knowing that you may have to really look for it?  I wrote more about this mindset here:  Grab Everything […]

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