Failure As Fuel

You know the feeling (I know I do)… you give it your best, yet still come up short. And so we bury and try to forget those experiences. But what if those experiences actually hold the key to moving forward? If you’ll give me 2 1/2 minutes, I’ll show you a powerful way to reframe...Continue reading

It’s No Longer 2017 (Duh)

Want to be more efficient and productive? Don’t start by asking “How can we do this better?” Instead ask, “Should we be doing this at all?” I recently spoke with my good friend (and wildly talented life coach) Wes Wiley about the content I was putting together on and the conversation turned to video....Continue reading

The Hotel Upgrade I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Years ago, a producing project had me traveling every week to the beautiful St. Petersburg / Clearwater Beach area and I became known to the concierge at the hotel where I always stayed. At the time, this hotel was going through a major renovation – tens of thousands of dollars spent on making the hotel...

Lessons My Kids Taught Me

I’m blessed to have four babies, currently all middle school-aged and under.  And as much as the wifey and I strive to teach and model good choices for them, they end up teaching us a lot, too.  Okay, me – they teach me a lot. So I’m pleased to offer you four lessons my kids...Continue reading

3 Ways to Give Praise Better

We love getting praise, but giving praise can be tricky (and if you don’t believe that premise, then PLEASE read on). Fortunately, I’ve learned three powerful concepts that have helped my words land with laser-like precision… Selective Did you ever see that episode of Seinfeld where the handsome doctor calls Elaine “breathtaking”?  She is understandably...Continue reading

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