Just Unsubscribe

For me, it’s emails from a kids’ fun center we went to once and a Brazilian steakhouse the wifey and I visited about ten anniversaries ago. Yours are different, but you know of which I speak — those persistent emails that long ago wore out their relevance, assuming they ever had any. Clicking that ‘unsubscribe’...Continue reading

Stuck Creatively? 11 Ways to Get Unstuck Now.

Stuck on a creative project, marketing or otherwise?  Try some of these tactics… – Remind yourself of your main goal. – Boil your message down to just six words. – What would you do if you had half the current budget? – What would you do if you had an unlimited budget? – What would...

Fear Meets Irony

Ages ago, I served as Creative Director for an international agency.  The owner was a bright, young entrepreneur, but he adamantly opposed any further training for his employees because “what if they go somewhere else?”  Not long after, for various reasons, the company had to shut its doors and those employees went somewhere else anyway....Continue reading

Rider or Owner?

True story:  guy takes his motorcycle to a shop for an oil change.  After chatting with the man, the mechanic looks at the bike, its pristine condition, and its low mileage and says to the man, “Oh, you’re not a motorcycle rider, you’re a motorcycle owner.” Now, when it comes to takeaways from this un-fable,...Continue reading

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