A Different Kind Of Listening

Interior.  Coffeeshop.  Day.  As that catchy new pop song plays subtly under the scene, we see a cute 20-something actress give her handsome 20-something co-star a flirty goodbye and exit (they haven’t had their first kiss yet – that’ll happen within 10 minutes, guaranteed – but the stage is being set). A beat later, she...Continue reading

Turn, Turn, Turn

Look at these doors.  Now look closer – which ones are locked and which aren’t? Trick question; you can’t tell by looking.  You’re going to have to walk over and try them. Isn’t the same true as we consider our possible paths forward?  Without question, there’s a time for thinking and planning and strategy, but...Continue reading

Not Perfect – Still Valued

A few fun facts about A Charlie Brown Christmas courtesy of mentalfloss.com… CBS didn’t like it. The ad agency handling the sponsorship of the show didn’t like it. Even Charles Shulz was embarrassed by some of the program’s technical shortcomings, including continuity issues.  “I thought it was a disaster because the drawing was so poor.”...Continue reading

Today Is Veteran’s Day

[Originally published in 2011] I saw him several times as I moved from aisle to aisle at the grocery store.  I would steal a glance as I moved from ‘Cookies/Snacks/Chips’ to ‘Household Items/Stationary’, then back to ‘Bread/Rolls.’ An older, heavy-set man, fully occupying a Hoveround cart, wearing a blue cap with some kind of military...Continue reading

Grab Everything

Whenever I check into a hotel, the first thing I do is scoop up all the soaps, shampoos, notepads, whatever in the room. It’s not like I’m doing anything sneaky – I’ve paid for them – I just want to get the maximum benefit possible in my short time there.   I think that same...Continue reading

A Sales Lesson From Dottie at Cracker Barrel

Because I enjoy fine dining and am very health conscious, I had dinner last night at a little place called Cracker Barrel. Judge if you want – those biscuits are amazing. As I paid, the lady at the register noticed my t-shirt featuring The Man in Black and said, “I bet a Johnny Cash fan...Continue reading

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