What’s In It For Me?

Right or wrong, the Internet has trained us all to ask “what’s in it for me?”  So when engaging people online, marketers must remember it’s not just about their product, but about how their product can solve a need and –BONUS – even offer something that’s valuable immediately — an approach that I have been calling “value-forward.”

Online users are saying at least three things:  Inform me.  Inspire me.  Entertain me.

We can hit one.

We can hit all three.

But we must deliver on what users are seeking.



– Matthew Porter

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  1. […] than the way we react to people, is it?  Would you rather experience something value-forward (Inform me. Inspire me.  Entertain me.) that puts you, the viewer, first?  Or would you rather be assaulted by a Me Monster […]

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