The Squaris Wheel

Behold, the Squaris Wheel...
Behold, the Squaris Wheel…

Would you look at this thing? I am in love with this design. It’s fun, dangerous, and an obvious zoning violation. Further, setting this baby up over a weekend would without question make a homeowners association board wring their fretful little bureaucratic hands with worry.

And that makes me smile.

But beyond this, it reminds me of a time now long gone. Before the dawning of the Age of Oprah. Back when wax was something guys put on their car, not in their hair. Alas, now all I’m waxing is nostalgic.

So even if it’s only online, I hope you enjoy the Squaris Wheel. And hey, if you’re feeling froggy, you can find the complete Squaris Wheel plans here.

– Matthew Porter

PS: Click the pic twice to see the glorious full version.

7 thoughts on “The Squaris Wheel

  1. I found these plans in popular mechanics and built this ride in 1972. Lasted for years, and the neighborhood kids had a blast. Cool memory


  2. Hah! The original squaris wheel was in my next door neighbor’s back yard! Bob Woolson built not only the squaris wheel, but several battery-powered cars for kids.

    Awesome memories

  3. I have no pictures of the squaris wheel, unfortunately. I’d suggest contacting Bob Woolson directly, but he passed away last year.

    If you web-search ‘Robert Woolson Popular Mechanics’ you’ll find his buggy car (Nov and Dec 1963), the scoot-car (Aug 1963, my brother’s pictured riding it on p. 138), and the Backyard & Birdbath Railroad Engine (Aug 1965, Bob’s son is driving). There was a third car, too, that was never written up.

    I do have one pic of Bob’s son and my dog on the railroad engine on my hard drive, circa spring 1965, but don’t know how to share it with you…I’m not especially tech savvy.

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