Hey Porter! — February Roundup

February 2010WOOSH! Was that an Olympic downhill skier or the month of February that just sped by us at 80mph? In a month as short and fast as this, you could be forgiven (this time) for missing a few items here at Hey Porter! Luckily, below is your super slo-mo instant replay for catching up on all the fun…

Etcetera’s Back

A quick history of Etcetera for the uninitiated and a heads up about the show’s return from hiatus.

Etcetera — 2.4.10

Back in black! The Etcetera gang rocked the hizzy once more with a jam-packed super show, 1.25 hours of glorious buffoonery. Goo-LAY!

Horton Hears The Who

It’s no Epic of Gilgamesh, but I am pretty proud of this little piece.

Great Quote Monday — Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal… That cat gave more good stuff to mankind in 39 years than most of us will in twice that time. I think if he had lived longer, he could have invented a spaceship. Or at the very least, the iPad.

Matthew Maxim #44

Are there really 43 other Matthew Maxims? Guess we’ll have to find out, won’t we?


Indeed, I am.

Great Quote Monday — John (x2)

At further risk of being immodest, I’m pleased with how this pic turned out. Amazing the visual marvels that Microsoft Word can render.

News From The Future — New Orleans

Did you know that all the good fortune now being enjoyed by New Orleans is owed to Ty Pennington? It’s true! Click the link above and I’ll prove it!

Can You Pour Shots? Do Tax Prep? You’re Hired!

Bizarro job posting from Craigslist. I’m no MBA, but who actually sat down and thought ‘drinking plus rollerskating’ added up to a promising business model?

Great Quote Monday — Teddy Roosevelt

A great ‘go get em’ speech from the Rough Rider.

Schrödinger’s LOLcat

Theoretical quantum physics + kittens = AWSUM!

See you next Monday (and next month!) for Great Quote Monday.

– Matthew Porter

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