How To Become A Freelance Writer — Part 1: Find Your Niche

You may have asked yourself ‘how can I become a freelance writer?’

The short answer: ‘Not without a lot of hard work.’

As to whether or not you should become a freelance writer, that’s another article for another day. On that subject, I will simply pose this question: ‘can you be fulfilled doing something other than writing freelance?’ If so, give it some serious thought.

Assuming you’ve discovered you must become a freelance writer, here’s how to get started…

How Can I Help You? — Part II

We can do more than just commiserate. We can come together. We can create community where there wasn’t community before. We can ‘do unto others’ the things we’d like somebody to do for us. This isn’t some ‘kumbayah’ BS I’m shoveling here. The sunshine-y ‘everything is good all the time’ thing… not my bag. I’m a realist and I am telling you for certain that community is vital to survive and prosper and there’s no better time to make it happen than right now.