Brand Storytelling and Metallica

I had seen this spot on TV previously and loved its approach. Then I read the article below that provides some fascinating behind-the-scenes insights on why it was so effective (spoiler alert: just tell a good story)…

Destroy Challenges By Asking These 9 Questions

A problem doesn’t have to be huge to feel overwhelming. Sometimes it’s the small, but persistent challenges that wear on us the most. And in worst-case scenarios, we’re assailed not just by the problem itself, but by the attendant problems springing from our fear and paralysis. But regardless of size or seriousness, twisty problems canContinue reading

‘Paying’ Attention

Paying attention. Paying attention. With the English vocabulary being so vast, why a monetary allusion in this well-known idiom? My guess is it’s because attention, like money, is finite. There’s only so much you have at a given moment. You can spend it here or there, but not everywhere to an unlimited degree (and there’sContinue reading

Embrace the Mess

Let’s stop equating clarity with progress.

Let’s stop associating perfect order with success.

Let’s stop clinging to (our illusion of) control and lean more on our people and the process.

In short, let’s start embracing the mess.

– Matthew Porter

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