WriterDirectorProducerAs a freelance writer and director, Matthew Porter has written more than 100 published articles, traveled the world (eating some really weird food along the way), served as Head Comedy Writer for a national radio show, and had the opportunity to work with a handful of famous folks.

And while Matthew thrives on new experiences– everything from skydiving to milking a cow– nothing prepared him for the adventure he embarked upon in 2008: fatherhood.

Now, seven years and four babies later (Four kids? Seriously?), Matthew has figured out some things (‘a solid schedule is very important for the baby’), while answers to other mysteries still elude him (‘why do baby clothes have pockets? They don’t own anything.’)

Matthew is passionate about writing, directing, collaborating, and tackling new challenges. Because, like babies, ideas need attention, time, and care to develop into their full potential.

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